New Mini-Game: INK OR SWIM!

Hey Penguins,

The CPI Team has made post on the CPI blog about a new Mini-Game being released in the next App Update. Check out their post below:

Our newest mini-game, Ink or Swim, is coming and you’ll never look at fishing the same way. It seems so obvious now—why weren’t we always using a cannon?

The game is a blast you can play with up to three friends. On your turn, you choose to either catch fish blasting from the cannon or pass to a friend. The penguin who catches the most fish wins. Easy, right? Well, it would be, except it won’t always be fish shooting out of the cannon—it could be, YIKES… an ink squid!

Now, let me be the first to warn you: ink squids are NOT your friend. They’re grumpy about being blasted from a cannon (weird, right?), and they’re going to ink anyone in their way. If you’re the penguin in their path, you’ll lose precious fish.

The most successful penguins will know when to catch fish, and when to pass before they’re inked.

Ink or Swim arrives in our next update, so you’ll be able to test what you’ve learned soon. Good luck, everyone, and remember: DON’T. GET. INKED.

Sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun! Can’t wait to play it with you all on the Island, until next time.

Waddle On!


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