Club Penguin Island App 1.5: Update Notes

Hey Penguins,

The CPI Team has provide us with some of the major things coming out in the 1.5 App update, and they sound like a ton of fun. Plus they have kinda given us a Release Date for it, it will be released before the end of July. Also a lot of cool stuff coming to the Island for just not Members, but Non-Members as well, so we all can have a lot of fun together when the Update comes out. Anyways onto the fun new features coming in 1.5.

COMING END OF JULY: Ink or Swim! Tilt-o-Tube! Descendants 2 Fashion! Blizzard Beach!

Two new mini-games hit the island—Ink or Swim and Tilt-o-Tube! Descendants 2 fashion is looking WICKED! And the beach is coming to Mount Blizzard!

Everyone can:
Play Ink or Swim with 3 friends… but beware of getting inked!

Express themselves with a Blizzard Beach emoji pack!

Chill by the Blizzard Beach inspired decor at Mount Blizzard!

Members can
Play the crazy twisting Tilt-o-Tube and be the last penguin tubing!

Be the villain with Descendants 2 fashion based on popular characters!

Customize your wickedness with Descendants 2 patterns and emojis!

Receive a Blizzard Beach tube and clothing templates!

Sounds like a blast! What is your favourite new feature that’s coming out in 1.5? Tell us in the comments below! Until next time,

Waddle On!


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