Daily Challenges: Could You Three-peat That?, Get Pier-sonal, Is Something Ringing?, Test Your Petal Mettle

Hey Penguins!

Daily Challenges are a fun way to increase your amount of Coins and Penguin Level Progress for a selected Character. There are new Daily Challenges every day, they refresh at Midnight PST. Some of the Daily Challenges will require you to be a Member, and/or some require Teamwork. To begin doing the Daily Challenges, tap onto your CPI Phone and you’ll get them!

Aunt Arctic DC


Challenge: Could You Three-peat That?

  • Objective: Say 3 things while roleplaying at the Rescue Hut.
  • Location: Coconut Cove Icon
  • Requirements: None.
  •  Coin25Aunt Arctic Star40

Challenge: Get Pier-sonal.

  • Objective: Have 5 penguins stand on the rowboat’s dock. 1 on each post.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk Icon
  • Requirements: None.
  • Coin30Aunt Arctic Star0

Rockhopper DCrc

Challenge: Is Something Ringing?

  • Objective: Stand in front of 6 different speaker sets in the Cove.
  • Location: Coconut Cove Icon
  • Requirements: None.
  • Coin25Rockhopper Star40

Rookie mage.png


Challenge: Test Your Petal Mettle.

  • Objective: Stand in front of 12 different flower bunches in the Cove.
  •  Location:  Coconut Cove Icon
  • Requirements: None.
  • Coin25rs.PNG40

Dot DC (Low Quality)dc

Challenge: Shoe In.

  • Objective: Sneakerheads, shoe fans—show off your designs.
  • Location: The Designer Loading 
  • Requirements: This challenge requires a paid membership.
  • Coin 20

That’s all for today’s Daily Challenges!

Until next post ^^



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