How to Gain Lots of Rookie Level Experience?!

Hey Penguins,

Rookie is the third/latest Character Experience that you can earn to increase your Penguin Level, by doing his new Adventures and Daily Challenges. But you also gain Rookie Experience through a Mini-Game that the Team has added into the game, Marble Hunt. Although so far you can only gain Rookie Experience and not any other Penguin Character’s Experience. As well this is the first time that you can earn Level Experience outside of the Adventures and Daily Challenges, which makes it easier to Level up. This in guide, Surge and myself will explain how to quickly gain a ton of Rookie Experience with a Friend.

Now to start off, I would suggest an empty World/Room to help make sure that this goes a lot faster for the both of you, without others getting in the way. It doesn’t matter who buys the Marble Hunt, then you must stand beside eachother to rapidly start the game over and over. Now allow the game to randomizer pick who gets the Experience that round or not. Remember that the Seeker is the one being rewarded with the Rookie Experience. Once the game starts the Marble Hider immediately spams the Marbles where you both are standing, don’t even have to move. Then the Marble Seeker can spam pick up the Marbles and win. Matches will usually only take up to 3-5 seconds if done right.

Also once one of you reaches Rookie’s Max Level of 3 (at the moment), you can just quit Marble Hunt once started, to automatically give that Rookie Experience to your friend.

Huge thanks to Surge for assisting me with this Guide. I hope you enjoyed our guide of farming Rookie’s Level Experience through Marble Hunt. If you would like more Experience Farming guides, leave us a comment below. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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