How to get onto the Floating Cloud in Beacon Boardwalk?

Hey Penguins,

Recently the Club Penguin Island team has made one the features at the Welcome Plaza even better with an update to it, the Trampoline. Now you can jump even higher and even earn a prize if you jump high enough. But it’s not as easy as you think.

Once the Trampoline starts, to rise your Penguin’s jump height, you will need to Tap the Jump button everytime your Penguin touches the Trampoline. If you mess up, your Penguin will return to the last jump height. Now to reach the Cloud, you will want to reach a Jump Height of at least 15 but 15 is a bit hard to land, but you can. So I would suggest aiming for 17 or higher for a better and easier landing. Once you have made it up onto the Cloud, there is a Treasure Chest, that you can open, inside you will find 5 Coins. Now you can admire the view from up above Club Penguin Island.

If any of this information is in-correct or missing anything, please comment below, we try our best to give all and correct information in our Guides. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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