Get ready for a fireworks fest!

Hey Penguin Pals! So today Joe made a BRAND new post about Getting ready for a FIREWORKS fest?! I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!!!


Ready to have a BLAST? The mysterious Crate Co. is shipping in more party supplies than we’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect time to celebrate community, penguins, games, and, well—EVERYTHING!

Today until July 4, members can login to receive a ton of free items. Just check your party supplies for all the loot! There’s fireworks, pizza, hydro hydrants, and a bunch of shareable foods… and that means sharing with everyone!

I’m sure a lot of you will plan your own amazing celebrations. Me? I’ll be having a firework fest at Coconut Cove’s waterfall. And another at the very top of the Migrator!

Let’s hear your celebration plans in the comments below!”

My question is will the items be taken away from us on July 4th and WHY wont they give us FREE Fireworks On July 4th? Until next time,

Waddle On AND Party on!



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