Does your Clothing stay on your Penguin after your Membership expires?

Hello Penguins,

I have been asking Penguins around the community on what were some of there first questions that they had about Club Penguin Island, so I can make posts on them to help future players know and understand more about the fun island of Club Penguin Island. The question was..

Can you still have your current items remain on you even after your Membership expires/cancelled?

The answer is No, your items will return to Your Closet, until time you’re a Membership. You may think that of course they return to it, but in Club Penguin Classic, if your Membership expired/cancelled, your Member items would remain on your Penguin until you clicked them off or changed them. So it looks like the Team decided to fix that issue for Club Penguin Island.

Shopping Penguin

If you have any questions about Club Penguin Island, please just comment below and one of the CPIHelp Staff Members will assist you. Until next time,

Waddle On!

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