1.4 Update Version has arrived to the Island!

Hiya Penguins!

If you went offline for vacations or didn’t even know, well the new version 1.4 has now officially arrived! In the new version you’ll see the next few following things:

  • New Game! Marble Hunt*. (Members can buy it and non-members can play)
  • Explore new Adventures at Mt. Blizzard with Rookie’s new Adventures and Daily Challenges.
  • Explore new decorations at Mt. Blizzard with the new movie Cars 3.
  • Members can create winning styles with Cars 3 blueprints, fabrics and decals available at the Disney Shop.
  • Burn rubber with the new inspired Cars 3 tubes with sleek Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez designs!

As well, you can watch a video about the new update here:

Well, I think that will be all for this update post. Comment down below what are your favorite things about this update.

Until next post,


Emmanuel2204 | Follow me on Twitter!

*An upcoming post for Marble Hunt containing more information about the game.



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