Island Updates: Hydro Hydrants


May 12, 2017 | @ 7:32 PM PST


Hiya penguins,

You might have already noticed that the CPI Team, has started a new series of Island Updates. In this section, you will get to know the most interesting facts about the Island. In this Island Update, we’ve got more info about Hydro Hydrants.

Hydro Hydrants are like a portable water park-see them at your nearest shop!**

And as we are here to help, we’re providing shop details about this item down below.

For members? Yes, unfortunately, this item is only available for members to buy.

Where can I buy it? You can buy it in all stores over the island.

Price: 25 coins

How do I get coins to buy it*? You can check our guide right here on how to get coins. *Only Members can buy it.

How do I buy a membership?  You can also check out our guide on how to get a membership here.

Well, I think that’s all for this post. If you have more questions regarding this, leave a comment and sure I’ll get to answer your questions! Until next time,


** Credit for the Overlay design template to @CraxyWaffle


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