Guides to Collectibles

Hiya penguins!

Today we’re a featuring a Special Report from Aunt Arctic! She is going to tell us about Collectibles around the island. 🙂

There are many items to collect that keep our island strong. What might seem completely ordinary could have value at The Exchange.
Keep room in your pockets for these:
  • Shells: Not just for jewelry, they’re actually an important part of concrete for our buildings.
  • Seaweed: Popular ever since the seaweed smoothie craze hit. Also good for an inner tube to give it that extra zip.
  • Confetti: We’ll need this to celebrate the opening of Mount Blizzard. You’ll get it from confetti flowers, of course.
  • Crystals: Used for glowsticks, though Gary believes they have scientific value too.
Stop by The Exchange and turn these items in so they can be put to good use. And next time you swim past some slimy seaweed, think twice!

Wow! That’s a great report from Aunt Arctic! I know some collectibles are missing, I have no Idea why she didn’t include them. We will need a lot of confetti so we can celebrate the opening of Mt. Blizzard. How many collectibles have you collected? Until next time,


-Emmanuel2204  Captura de pantalla 2017-04-18 a la(s) 19.21.20


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