How to get to Potato Island on Club Penguin Island?!

Hello Penguins,

There has been a lot of Penguins wondering what and where is “Potato Island on Club Penguin Island, after Club Penguin had a Poll featuring it, many Penguins were looking for the whereabouts of it. We are proud to inform that many Penguins in the Community have provided tutorials on how to get there, step by step. Our friend Bacon has uploaded a tutorial on how to, on his Youtube Channel. Check out both his Twitter and Youtube for fast and great content such as this video.

Club Penguin Island | How to Get to Potato Island!

Step 1. Slip into the Water, at the bottom corner of the Iceberg beside The Migrator by jumping and using your Tube to squeeze in there.

Step 2. Swim out to Sea and once you have hit a wall. You will then need to set your spawn, by opening up Your Settings.

Step 3. Go up to the Portal’s edge and spam the Tube button when you fail (Watch video for better view on how to at this Step). This is a tricky part.

Step 4.  Once you get high into the sky, set your Spawn again mid-air.

Step 5. Continue doing this until you get closer to Potato Island. It’ll take you a little while so don’t give up.

You have made it to Potato Island, there are usually some Penguins already there waiting for you. As well as for Non-Members, the only way that I know that you’re able to get there as well is by Friend Jumping, so you get the easy part. Anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed this Glitch Guide, and if you would like to see more, tell us in the comments. Until Next time,

Waddle On!

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