Daily Challenges: April 19, 2017

Hey Penguins,

Daily Challenges are a fun way to increase your amount of Coins and Penguin Level Progress for a selected Character. There are new Daily Challenges every day, they refresh at Midnight PST. Some of the Daily Challenges will require you to be a Member, and/or some require Teamwork. To begin doing the Daily Challenges, tap onto your Challenges Log near the top left corner of the Game Screen.

Challenge: String King

  • Objective: As a Member, Waddle to the Coconut Cove’s Stage. Then Interact with the first / Green Guitar and play any of the three Riffs.
  • Location: Coconut Cove, The Stage
  • Requirements: Membership
  • Rewards: 20 Coins and 20 Aunt Arctic Experience.
  • Pictures:


Challenge: Sea Seats

  • Objective: You must waddle to the Sea Caves and dive in. You must sit in 5 different Chairs, Interact to sit in them. The 1st and the 2nd are located just below the Race Course Sign on your left, you can sit in each to get it counted. The 3rd and 4th are located in the Glow Grotto, you can sit in each to get it counted. Lastly the 5th one is the Throne in the Throne Room.
  • Location: Sea Caves
  • Requirements:
  • Rewards: 30 Coins and 20 Aunt Arctic Experience
  • Pictures:

Challenge: Brain Waves

  • Objective: Waddle to the Sea Caves, then dive in and keep swimming downwards. You will see a sign that leads you to the Party Submarine. From there, go to the Submarine and then swim to the bottom left area where you will see a brain Coral facing a chest. The last Brain Coral is located in the Race Course just above the first Trapper that you see.
  • Location: Sea Caves
  • Requirements: 
  • Rewards: 30 Coins and .. Rockhopper Experience
  • Pictures:

Challenge: Up to Speed

  • Objective: You and everyone else on the world must complete 500 Races a the Race Course in the Sea Caves, first left once you dive in.
  • Location: Sea Caves, Race Course
  • Requirements: 
  • Rewards: 30 Coins and 20 Rockhopper Experience
  • Pictures:


Are you still having issues with a Daily Challenge today? Comment below for one of our Staff Members to assist you further with that Challenge. If this Guide has helped you, remember to share it with others to help them as well. As always,

Waddle On!


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