Club Penguin Island Help’s Adventure Guides!

Hello Penguins,

One of the main reasons to why I started “Club Penguin Island Help” in the first place was to provide players a fun and informed Blog based about Guides and Help with Adventures, Daily Challenges, Activities, etc. Since I enjoy writing and helping others with Guides, why not create a whole website dedicated to that sort of thing, and I did. Been loving every moment of it. I have personally finished all the current Club Penguin Island Adventure Guides to help you if you struggle on the Character Adventures.

Aunt Arctic’s Adventures

Chapter 1 – Bright Idea:

Episode 1 – Leaky Landing

Episode 2 – Rock the Volcano

Episode 3 – Hatching a Plan

Episode 4 – Mirror Mirror

Episode 5 – Enlightenment

Chapter 2 – Shocking Secrets:

Episode 1 – Machine Malfunctions

Episode 2 – Point of View

Episode 3 – Dot’s Disguises

Episode 4 – Icy Infiltration

Episode 5 – Gathering Storm

Episode 6 – Hot Bottle

Episode 7 – Double Click

Episode 8 – System Defender

Episode 9 – Burying Treasure

Episode 10 – Skyberg Assault

Rockhopper’s Adventures

Episode 1 – Bottled Maps

Episode 2 – A Pirate’s Life

Episode 3 – Gongs Away

Episode 4 – Shell Game

Episode 5 – A Cursory Look

Episode 6 – Trailing Along

Episode 7 – Walk of Stars

Episode 8 – Good Impressions

Episode 9 – The Black Pearl

Episode 10 – A Captain’s Share

If we are missing any important information on them, please leave us a comment. But I hope you all enjoy these Guides. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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