Nighttime Coming Soon?!

Hiya penguins!

You might have seen this Sneak Peek in other blogs, but I’m going to tell you that Nighttime might be available the update 1.3 as 1.2.1 contains bug fixes and it is coming before 1.3! Well, you might be asking yourself How do I know that? Well, as you can see the lights on the steps of the Beacon Boardwalk you can see that they glow and also the ones for going to the Coconut Cove. Let me tell you that this was a dream for every penguin in the Original Club Penguin. Imagine having day/night on the island! That will be really awesome. 😀 Here you can see the picture of the “Sneak peek”


Thanks for the image to

As I’m writing this post, I made myself a question, what if this has to be in relation with the Clock Tower? If you haven’t seen that post check it out here. Let me know your thought right in the comments. Remember that this a theory post, this has not been confirmed by the Club Penguin Team.  Until next post,




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