Earth Day and more!

Hiya penguins!

Today Club Penguin, made updates to the interface so you can know see the decorations in the Beacon Boardwalk and in the Coconut Cove, I think my favorite room is the Coconut cove as you can see the stage all decorated, but in the details, I’ll prefer the Boardwalk, you can see in the pictures below how they’re decorated!

As well, you might see that they’ve added new emojis and the Panda Hoodie! (If you haven’t got it, check out here to get it.) You can see the emojis and the panda hoodie.

Now on the Catalogue thing, thanks to Foodtrekker I noticed that they made Megg a costume to design. Here is the picture.


Finally, but not least, we’ve got to see that in the sea caves we see this emojis:


Well, this emojis means how your air bubble air is, 1st means that you’re perfect! 2nd means you can go around without refilling air, 3rd that you’re in danger need to fill the air, 4th refill air or you’ll go up.

Well, hope that you enjoyed this post, if you’ve any related questions or if you found more things, comment down below and our staff members will be glad to help you.


-Emmanuel2204 (Emmanuel2204/Twitter)

*The items shown are only available for members. See on how to get a membership here.



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