New Gear, Adventures, Party Supplies, and More!

Hey Penguins,

There are a lot of new small things on Club Penguin Island that makes the experience a ton more fun for all players. For starters there is a new Gear for Members, the Stop Sign. I can’t wait to check it out. You can unlock more Party Supplies,

  • Hydro Hydrant (Level 15)
  • Fireworks XL (Level 15)

As well as new Adventures coming from Aunt Arctic, where you will get to meet up with some of the Classic Club Penguin characters, and go on new Adventures. We heard that Herbert may have returned, so be careful out there Penguins. They updated the Adventures Log, now you select the Chapter and then the Adventures for that certain Character. We will be updating Club Penguin Island Help’s Adventures pages to make sure you Penguins have some Guides to help you along the new and old Adventures.

The Max Level is now not 12 anymore, you’re able to Level up more if you were stuck at the Max Level and unlock more things to have. The Disney Shop has more Items that you can purchase, such as “Tangled The Series”.

They are slowly releasing hints to a the new Sled Racing room, on the right side of the Dressing Rooms in Beacon Boardwalk, they have added some boxes, logs and a Tube, which could mean that they are going to release a new room soon.

That’s all the small updates that we have found at the moment, we will continue to add to this post when we have located more Updates around the Island. Anyways you all have a fun and amazing experience on Club Penguin Island now, and remember to always check back here for the latest updates and guides. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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