New Club Penguin Island Map!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin Island has updated to version 1.2, this is so far Club Penguin Island’s first and major update to the game since worldwide release. There are many new things in this update, and we will be going over them all throughout the day, but I feel that the New Map feature is the first one to go over.


Instead of waddling around, now you can just open up your Map and tap on the location that you want to visit. When tapped on a Location, it will also provide you with a bar that shows you how full that room currently is. As well shows you which World you’re currently on. A photo of your Penguin will appear floating above the area that you’re currently in.

As many of us can see, there is a new Room which you can’t visit yet, but they do have it on the Map. We have already seen a sneak peek on this room beforehand where many believe it will feature a Clock Tower in that New Room. Until next time,

Waddle On!



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