Players will earn Coins for Designs they send to the Catalog!

Hello Penguins,

This will be a very small but important post, if you’re really interested in the Designing on Club Penguin Island and want to earn some Coins on the side. Riyita asked the Club Penguin Island Team on Twitter if you will earn Coins when submitting Designs into the Catalog or if another Penguin purchases your Designs.

Riyita: “Will we get the money when someone buys one of your designs in the catalog? Please answer, thanks.”

Club Penguin Island: “You’ll get paid for submitting your design to the catalog, the number of buyers will not grant extra coins. Hope that helps!”

This sounds great for Penguins that love to do Designs on Club Penguin Island, now you can earn some Coins as well as have others enjoy your Designs. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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