Recreating Club Penguin Items: 3D Glasses

Hey everyone, it’s Pen Penguin here. I’m starting a series in which I design items in Club Penguin Island that were available in classic Club Penguin. Today, I will be showing you how you could make your very own 3-D Glasses in Club Penguin Island! The 3D Glasses in Club Penguin were definitely one of my favorite items, as well as the favorite item of many other people. Even though Club Penguin shut down, the 3D glasses can still be designed in Club Penguin Island, fortunately. Here are the steps to make your own 3D Glasses! (Please note that your penguin must be level 10 or above in order to make the 3D Glasses.)

  1. First, when you’re in the Designer/Your Closet, press the “Create” button.IMG_2720
  2. Next, go to “Face Extras”. After that, tap the blueprint featured fourth in the first row of blueprints.IMG_2714
  3. Tap on “Choose”. (The design’s name is New Dimensions.)IMG_2715
  4. Drag the red color to the left side of the glasses, and drag the blue color to the right side of the glasses. Also drag the white color to the sides of the glasses.IMG_2716.PNGIMG_2717
  5. You’ve successfully designed 3D Glasses! You can buy it for 60 coins. The glasses look cool, doesn’t it?IMG_2718

Did this tutorial help you design the 3D Glasses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

-Pen Penguin




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