How to Get on Top of the Trees in Club Penguin Island?

Hey Penguins,

Do you play hide and seek with your Penguin Friends on Club Penguin Island, love finding neat little spots where you’re not suppose to be or even if you just love the climb trees. Today I will be showing you how to climb just about any of the Pine/Palm Trees on Club Penguin Island.


It’s quite simple you just have to make sure you don’t over jump or step off the tree, it will take you a few tries, but once you know the trick, you’ll have something cool to show your friends how to do it as well. The easiest Trees are the Pine ones located at Beacon Boardwalk, these ones you must jump keep jumping up them and make sure you don’t over jump. With the one in the photo, this Pine Tree is located right side of Rockhopper’s Ship, down from the Lighthouse. I first jumped onto the Snow Piles there then jump onto the smaller Pine Tree, then carefully moved and jumped on the tall Pine Tree. You can continue jumping up to getting higher up in the Tree, but be careful the higher you get the harder it gets to stay on.


Now the Palm Trees at the Coconut Cove, I find to be a bit more trickier, because you must move quickly after jumping. Anyways for the Palm Trees you want to waddle right under it and jump up on the bend in the tree, once there you can either slowly waddle more up the tree or jump up it. These may be the harder ones in my opinion, but their top views are amazing! If you’re a penguin explorer you will look these views, like the one I provided.


Now you can be the best hider at Hide and Seek on Club Penguin Island, or even show your Friends the neat little spots that you can get onto in Club Penguin Island. Until next time,

Waddle On!

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