Guide: How to get a Membership in Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is a brand new game from Disney, this game was originally called Club Penguin. This new game is full of adventures. It is free to play for every player, but if you have a membership, you will have access to everything in Club Penguin Island, like customising your own outfits, costumize your igloo, complete Adventures, and so much more!

To purchase a membership. First, tap the “About Membership” button on the main menu.


Then, it will ask you if you want to start your 7 FREE day trial. Afer this seven free trial, you can either cancel the Membership or pay for different plans to enjoy more.


If you’re not logged in, enter the Disney Account. If you haven’t created and account, check out this post. If you’re already logged in, you’ll automatically skip to the next step. Then tap Continue.


Then confirm your iTunes or Google password when prompted, and then tap Continue to confirm your purchase.


Woohoo! Now you’re ready to enjoy all the fun that awaits you. In my opinion, I would definitely at least get the Free Trial option as it cost nothing! And I’ll later I’ll decide if it is worth it. If so, you’ll gain access to everything there is to do on Club Penguin Island. Here are the prices for the membership.

*Post has been update in December 3, 2017. According to new features.



  1. I can’t purchase a free trial because when I try it says that ‘purchasing is not supported in this environment.’

    why? and what can I do?


    1. When you install the app, you have to select a payment choice. Then, when you purchase membership in game you will be able to get membership.


  2. Can a membership card be purchased like we used to be able to? Like from Walmart or somewhere?

    Thanks for your help! Waddle on!


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