Daily Challenges: April 1, 2017

Hi, Penguins!

Happy April Fools! Today we will have a series of posts so stay tuned to the page and to our Social Media. @CpiHelp

Daily Challenges are a fun way to increase your amount of Coins and Penguin Level Progress for a selected Character. There are new Daily Challenges every day, they refresh at Midnight PST. Some of the Daily Challenges will require you to be a Member, and/or some require Teamwork. To begin doing the Daily Challenges, tap onto your Challenges Log near the top left corner of the Game Screen.

Challenge: Anchor Management

  • Objective: As a Member purchase a Party Blaster, and use it at the Rusty Anchor.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: Party Blaster, Member.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience (Aunt Artic)
  • Pictures:


Challenge: Icebreaker

  • Objective: Sit at one of the picnic tables near the Foodtrekker in the Beacon Boardwalk and type something to say.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: None
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience. (Aunt Artic)
  • Pictures:


Challenge: Eye Spy

  • Objective: As a Member, you can interact with the Lifeguard Kit that is just under the Tower at the Lifeguard Station, or use your own in My Inventory – Gear – Lifeguard Kit and then use the Binoculars.
  • Location: Sea Caves
  • Requirements: Be a member, Lifeguard kit.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience. (Rockhopper)
  • Pictures:


Community Challenge!

Challenge: All En-comparative

  • Objective: As a Member, gather you and three other Penguins to stand on each point of the Compass on the Event Circle at Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: Be a member, 4 penguins in total.
  • Rewards: 30 coins and 20 experience. (Rockhopper)
  • Pictures:


Picture was taken by Pen50gi


Are you still having issues with a Daily Challenge today? Comment below for one of our Staff Members to assist you further with that Challenge or email us at clubpenguinislandhelp.en@gmail.com. If this Guide has helped you, remember to share it with others to help them as well. As always,




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