Club Penguin Island April Updates!

Hi penguins,

Yesterday we saw the first Island Insider Episode! 😀 It was an episode full of sneak peeks. From the second chapter to a brand new world map. Here all of them.

Firstly, we got the appearance of a very famous penguin, Gary the Gadget Guy! They new look of Gary looks pretty cool, in my opinion. Gary will help in Aunt Artic’s new Adventures Series 2. Probably soon, he will have Solo Adventures. For penguins that were looking for a map, you’ll have it! You’ll be able to see your friends online, the world, and how much the room is full. And lastly, you will now have a phone, here you will be able to see Daily Challenges, Island News, which connects to the Club Penguin Island News page, and soon you’ll be able to add more features. This will be kind like the EPF phone you had in the Old Club Penguin.


And more exciting part of the April Update, that wasn’t shown in the old Island Insider episode, is the Style Challenges and Clothing Store!

This is super cool features that you’ll be able to design your own costumes and you’ll be able to sell them and earn coins, you’ll be able to sell them to your friends and to other penguins. This is a great way to improve the game, as penguins request all these features.  Dot also returns!


Also, we got more details on the Earth Day event that will be coming within this update. There will be items to earn for members and for NON-MEMBERS! This is some really cool items and I love the new emojis.

Credit to Club Penguin Space

Last but not LEAST! Megg told us that a new level will be added, Level 13. We don’t know how many additional levels will be included, we got a look at what rewards are given to you upon reaching level 13.

Credit to Club Penguin Space

Wow! They’re so many features coming in April, I just can’t wait to check everything out. Personally, I’m looking forward to the map, new adventures, and the Clothing Store. I can’t wait to see how Herbert looks in the new game. 😀

If have comments or any questions regarding this post or in relation with the upon April Update, comment down below.


-Emmanuel2204 (Emmanuel2204/Twitter)



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