Sled Racer: Area Sneak Peek

Hey, penguins!

On the brand new commercial out of Club Penguin Island. In the opening of the commercial, to be more specified in the second 0:12. You can see a blocked area with a wooden box, planks, and a blue checkered flag with a tube.

I think that this area near to the Disney Shop will lead up to a mountain area where you’ll be able to race with your friends. It’s going to be interesting how the first mini-game on Club Penguin Island will work, will it work the awesome short lived Sled Racer App? It would be totally awesome if it would! Let us know what you think about how this is going to work in the comments below. If you’re new to the Club Penguin community and don’t know what Sled Racer was, check out a video about it right here: (The Sled Racer app is not available for download)


-Emmanuel2204 (Emmnuel2204/Twitter)


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