Is Club Penguin Island Crashing for you?

Hello Penguins,

One of the biggest issues currently for Club Penguin Island players is that the game is crashing a lot, due to the large amounts of players trying to all play at one time. Many penguins are getting this Crashing when they are picking a Penguin’s Colour or when trying to change servers. Thankfully the Club Penguin Island Team is listening and working like crazy to fix this issue. We all must be supportive and help players learn of this issue, and to keep them positive. Here is Club Penguin Island Team’s response to the recent crashes.

“Some players’ games are crashing at specific moments, like when choosing a penguin color or changing servers. Our developers are aware of the issue and will have a fix soon. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the island!”

iOS – Troubleshooting Methods

Android – Troubleshooting Methods

Desktop – Troubleshooting Methods

As well here on Club Penguin Island Help have some troubleshooting methods to perhaps help fix the crashing issue. Check them out here. Or you can contact Club Penguin Island Support (

Waddle On!

Was this post helpful? If you have any questions that weren’t in our Help Pages, comment below, and one of the CPIHelp Staff will get back to you, and/or send a Tweet over to @NobleQuester!

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  1. Hello. I have an issue with my friends list. One second my friend list was full and I had tons of requests. All of a sudden, one day, they all disappeared. Ever since then, I’ve had zero friends, and whenever I try to add one, they are gone the next day. PLEZ HELP ME BRING MY FRIENDS BACK?!


  2. I decided to try the new club penguin island today. I had just finished decorating my igloo and was about to check out my igloo before buying membership, then it crashed. Now every time I try and log in, it loads for a while the comes up “Session Lost.”


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