Connection Error? 

Hello penguins.

Club Penguin Island has released worldwide, and ever since, a surge of new players have taken over the island. Currently, there is no ‘Amount of Penguins Online’ status bar next to the world names, but when attempting to join Alpine, it seems to be full. 

This screen will pop up on your mobile device. It reads, “Connection Error: Sorry! You were disconnected. Try to connect?”. If you tap ‘Reconnect’, it leads you to another 

This seems to only be happening on the worlds Alpine and Aurora, for me atleast. Hopefully the team will be able to fix this soon
Are you a new penguin on Club Penguin Island? How do you like it so far? And if you’re a beta player, what are you looking forward to for our new island? Let me know in the comments below!

Signing off, Yovas (@yovasCPI / Twitter)


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