Club Penguin Island is Now Available!

Hey Penguins!

I have some great and exciting news for you!! Get ready! Well, Club Penguin Island is now available on iOS and Google Play for everyone! You can download the app by going to the Download page.

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You can now watch the new Commercial.

Welcome to Club Penguin Island, everyone. This is a new journey for all of us. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


bye post



  1. Name/Username: Pen Penguin
    How to contact you: Twitter (@Supperpen)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience(s): I have over 4 years of blogging experience. Back in 2013, I used to work for a blog called Club Penguin Reveals. In 2014, I also used to own a blog (Club Penguin Outlook).
    Why you’d be active: I will be active because my goal is to provide people that aren’t so familiar with the game with Club Penguin Island guides, news, and much more. I’ve had experience with Club Penguin blogging, and it truly was a fascinating experience to provide people with information. Club Penguin Island Help seems like a blog that I would feel comfortable blogging on, and providing people with CP Island news. It would truly be a honor to work for Club Penguin Island Help.
    Any addition comments: This blog is awesome 🙂


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