Beta Hat 101

Hey penguins,

For those that has always wanted the most legendary epic item- NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Every penguin that pre-registered for CPI on Club Penguin Island by March 28, and that subscribes to a CPI membership will be receiving…




Some of the oldest penguins in the island might know all about the beta hat. This item was awarded to some of the very first Club Penguin players and became the most sought after the item ever since.

For those wondering what the big deal is about pre-registering for the Beta Hat, here’s some history of it:

  • The Beta Hat first appeared in Club Penguin over 11 (!!!) years ago on September 21, 2005.
  • The item’s official name was actually the Party Hat. Players called it the Beta Hat, and now even The Club Penguin team refers to it as that.
  • Party hats became a tradition. Different colors have been awarded to players for Club Penguin’s anniversary ever since.
  • Though not as rare, there are other beta hats out there: The Snow Beta Hat was given to some of the earliest Card-Jitsu Snow players in 2013, and the Prehistoric Beta Hat is the caveguin version of the Beta Hat, first available during the 2014 Prehistoric Party.
  • Sam the sasquatch wears his very own Beta Hat. How’d he get it? Apparently, a friendly penguin in a green jacket gave it to him. Hmmm…

Do you think there’s another item with so much story? Well, I don’t think there’s! Want to earn the beta hat? Just remember to pre-register for the beta hat by March 28!

Until next time,

Waddle On!

-Emmanuel2204 (Twitter)



  1. This is regarding to the ‘Beta-tester list,’ for some reason i’m not on the list, as I was/am a beta-tester.
    My username: SnowTiger


  2. i love the game sad thing is i joined the game after the party hat was giving and jacket and i was sad i play the game right when i wake up even i wait tell 3 am just to do my quest so it would be a dream i asked my mom if we can go to the thing in new york but i could not that was sad but i got over it so i have been messaging i just got my sis to help me spell messaging lol i have a dream to meet people who maded this game i upload on it on youtube and i hope that yell could give me the jacket and the party hat i would love it and it would be a dream come true i remembeer when the panda hoodie came out for earth day and some beenie came out they are cool remember the disney awards i think yell gave a pair of head phones and some deacal and more i love the game i love how they had club penguin then they turned it around in to club penguin island and it was awesome so love the game can yell give me the party hat it would be awesome my user name is meeparemy360 so i love the game thanks disney for so much if i got the hat and jacket it would make my day i would probley cry lol so yeah thanks i trying to make a long thing so yeah i will just keep saying long for a little bit lol long long long long long long long long long long love the game i love like a ninja oh idea what if yell did a thing about ninja lol bye guys

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Michael, your message is just so beautiful. This is the longest message we have ever received since we started. I love your passion for the game. I know you want so much that beta hat, but we’re not able to add items or coins as we’re not affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin Island. But, still you can contact Club Penguin, to tell them that you want it. Here’s the email to contact them: Hope you can get that beta hat that you want.

      Until next time,
      Waddle On!



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