Club Penguin Island Help Leaderboards!

Hey Penguins,

The Club Penguin Island Help Team has decided to host a Leaderboard for certain Games/Activities on Club Penguin Island. A Leaderboard is a board, where we will feature High Scores based on certain Games/Activities that players can achieve in the game, most of the Leaderboards are for Non-Members and Members, we might have the odd Members Only ones.

Club Penguin Island Help Leaderboards

To get added to one of the many Leaderboards you must screenshot the evidence on Club Penguin Island and send a tweet of it as well as your Club Penguin Island Username, and which Leaderboard you are entering for to @QuesterCP. I hope to also in the future have small Giveaways to the highest player in certain LeaderBoards, so it’s best to keep us informed if you have earned a higher score than your past one.

As well we would love to spread the word about Club Penguin Life’s Sea Caves Racing Tournament going on this month. It’ll be a great time to enter the Tournament and show us your best time to be added to our Leaderboards.

Waddle On!


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