Daily Challenges: March 18, 2017

Hey there Penguins,

Here’s your guide for the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island today! They will refresh to new Daily Challenges every day at Midnight PST. We have given you a written guide as well as a picture guides. If you are still unsure, comment below.


(Member)See Waves: Use lifeguard binoculars by the Boardwalk rowboat. (As a Member, waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk’s rowboat near the Swimming spot and use the binoculars there.)


Brain Waves: Swim past 2 brain corals in the Sea Caves.
(Waddle to the Sea Caves, then dive in and keep swimming downwards. You will see a sign that leads you to the Party Submarine. From there, go to the Submarine and then swim to the bottom left area where you will see the 2 brain corals facing a chest.)


Geyser Higher! Ride a water geyser 5 times. (Waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk Swimming Spot. Wait for bubbles to appear as they indicate the upcoming geysers. Swim around and wait to get lifted. Don’t forget to do it again four more times.)



Bonus Birthday! Bonus Birthdays! Celebrate with 5,000 cake slices total. (As a member, waddle to the Food Trekker located behind the Fishing Spot and buy a cake. You can also buy a Birthday cake to share it with non-members as well.)


Waddle On!



    1. Hey Lillyer,

      You cannot play the Club Penguin Island App without updating, as it’s required for playing. I’m sorry if you didn’t collect any of the items of the last update.

      Have a great day,


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