Blizzard Mountain, Rory, and other small updates! 

Hello Penguins!

Earlier today, healthychoices logged onto Alpine and met up in the Beacon Boardwalk. If you don’t know who healthychoices is, he/she is suspected to be a moderator or a part of the staff somehow. Anyways, they logged on and provided us with some information.

I had asked about Blizzard Mountain being introduced to the island, and healthychoices said that it would be coming in May.

My good penguin pal, MikeyMichael, had asked about small updates being added during release, and healthychoices replied:

With the sneak peek that Club Penguin provided us of new mascots coming to the island, MikeyMichael asked about Rory. Rory is an orange penguin that always wears a construction jacket and a hard hat, and occassionly orange safety sunglasses. Rory runs a construction crew, and occasionally mops the Pizza Parlor. He could also be Gary’s buddy. Rory also owns a Snow Trekker. He also built the PSA and EPF Headquarters and created the mini-game Smoothie Smash (Club Penguin Wiki). Here is what healthychoices said:

Hmmmm… interesting! Let us know what you think about these comments made by healthychoices!

Signing off, Yovas (@yovasCPI / Twitter)


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