How do I Unlock the next Character Adventure?

Hey Penguins,

Adventures in Club Penguin Island are missions/quests that you can do to explore more about the Island, figure out puzzles, help the Characters with things, learn more story about the Island, etc. To open up your Adventure Log, you can either look for Special Character (Aunt Arctic or Rockhopper) with a Star above their head or in the My Adventures tab. If you have more questions based for Adventures, read more about them here.

Now onto how to unlock the next Character Adventure, first you must be a Member on Club Penguin Island have the previous Adventure completed. Now if it’s still not unlocked then you must not be the required Level to unlock it yet. Below we will provide an example.

The Penguin needs to be Level 4 to unlock the next Adventure, but they’re only currently Level 3, so they must complete more Daily Challenges or other Adventures to increase their progress to reach Level 4.

If you need any help with completing a Character’s Adventure, we offer full guides for all Adventures, read them here. Or have anymore questions about Unlocking an Adventure, comment below.

Waddle On!

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