Fun Things for Non-Members to do at the Beacon Boardwalk


Hey penguins,cpi_party_interface_penguin_6

Many of you have been testing the app for a few days, and most of you are non-members due to them not having a credit card linked to their App Store / Google Play accounts or playing outside of the selected countries which have been selected for the Geo-Beta.

Non-Members can waddle to the Beacon Boardwalk and do many kinds of things like go to the Light House, collect items, and interchange items for coins! Isn’t that great? Here you can check what other things can you do:

Collect lots of items! In the Beacon Boardwalk, you can collect all kinds of items. This is one of the places in Club Penguin Island, where you can collect a variety of items everywhere. Also, you can collect coins that will be added automatically to your account.

Blast yourself: Non-members are able to blast themselves into the cannons, actually, when I was starting to play Club penguin Island I thought this was a bug, so I informed the support Team, and they told me this was able to use for everybody. LOL XD. This is a really cool thing that Non-members can do.


Dance and jump! The floor changes every 3 minutes, so by chance, you can have the dance floor, where you’ll get 3 different moves to do. Also, another great feature is that you can jump and chat with your friends at the same time in the trampoline!

Exchange your items for coins: At the Item Exchange, you are able to trade your items into coins to spend when you become a member in stuff like Party supplies, also by the time you’re not a member you can create your own clothes with the blueprints that are available.


Picnic: You can organise a picnic with your friends and they can share food with you like a Sandwich, a slice of pizza or the finest Stinky cheese for you to share memorable moments with them. You can also have a conversation together, or also you can invite a mod to chat with you and other penguins about new stuff coming up to Club Penguin Island!


The Designer: Penguins like you and that a have a great sense of style can create incredibly or spectacular outfits with the designer. The Designer is a place where you choose how to design your outfit! Isn’t that cool? You can access the designer at the Beacon Boardwalk or access it from My Penguin ā†’ My Style. Remember that you can create and buy them, but you cannot wear them. šŸ˜¦

The Migrator: The Migrator has options for you to do, like jump to the top of it, earn items and coins and also have extreme adventures! The top of the migrator is a dangerous place, as you might fall from it!

Make new friends! Club Penguin was a place to interact and have new friends, now Club Penguin Island makes it better as you have unlimited friends (actually there is a bug that doesn’t let you have unlimited friends but they’re fixing it) and you have no problems with your friends list. Also, you’ll get to know each other quicker as you have more emojis and new and more options to socialise and interact with each other. šŸ˜€

Waddle On,

-Emmanuel2204 (Twitter)




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