Daily Challenges: March 16, 2017

Hello Penguins!

Another day, another Daily Challenge! Each time the clock strikes midnight in Pacific Standard Time, the island refreshes with new challenges for us to complete, either solo or as a community. Some challenges do require membership, but there are always a few for non-members. In order to start earning coins and level progression by completing these Daily Challenges, tap the light blue button near the top left of the screen, featuring a compass design. Each day, there will be four NEW (or re-used) Daily Challenges.

Today, March 16th , we have received (3) Solo challenges, and (1) Community challenge. Our challenges today are called Payback Time, Ready to Order?, Squid Stick Picnic, and Submariner.

For our first task, you must have a membership subscription in order to complete it, and it is called Payback Time.

  • Task: Buy something at the SS Convenience market.
  • Location: Coconut Cove.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience points (Aunt Arctic).

Waddle on over to the Coconut Cove, and once you’re there, use the track pad to travel right and up the steps. This is where you will find the SS Convenience market. The SS Convenience market sells a variety of items such as Squid Sticks, Hot Cocoa, Pizza Slices, Seaweed Smoothies (actually pretty good!), Stinky Cheese, Cake Slices, and more. In order to complete this task, you must buy something, and I suggest buying a Squid Stick, which will allow us to complete another challenge.

Looks like Purplegemcat was craving a Squid Stick too!
Our next challenge is the Ready to Order? All these challenges requiring us to check out the various shops around the island is making me crave some Stinky Cheese!

  • Task: Check out the Foodtrekker’s menu.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Rewards: 20 coins and 20 experience points (Aunt Arctic).

You can find the Foodtrekker directly behind the Fishing area, and to the right of the Migrator. All you must do for this challenge is simply check out the items that the Foodtrekker has to offer!


If you listened to my suggestion about the Squid Stick, than our next task, Squid Stick Picnic should be pretty simple. This task is also only for membership subscribers.

  • Task: Eat a squid stick on a picnic blanket.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience points (Rockhopper).

Waddle n over to the Water Slide in the Beacon Boardwalk, and make a left before sliding down. Here, you will come upon a zip line and a picnic blanket. Move over to the picnic blanket, and sit down by tapping the orange exclamation point on the bottom right of your screen. Next, click the green party hat symbol which will lead you to your Party Supplies. Find your Squid Stick, and enjoy it!


Purplegemcat and Skitizor decided to join me for my mid-afternoon snack!
Lastly, we come across our Community challenge, the Submariner. Depending on the server that you log onto, the task may be already completed.

  • Task: Do 1,000 boosts in the Sea Caves.
  • Location: Sea Caves.
  • Rewards: 30 coins and 20 experience points (Rockhopper).

All you must do for this task is simply swim around in the Sea Caves, and boost yourself by clicking the large blue button on the bottom right of your screen, indicating a swimming motion.


If you have any further questions about these Daily Challenges or just want to throw a mini-party on the island and enjoy Squid Sticks together, leave a comment down below!

Signing off, Yovas (@yovasCPI / Twitter)


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