Daily Challenges: March 15, 2017

Hello Penguins!

Another day, another Daily Challenge! Each time the clock strikes midnight in Pacific Standard Time, the island refreshes with new challenges for us to complete, either solo or as a community. Some challenges do require membership, but there are always a few for non-members. In order to start earning coins and level progression by completing these Daily Challenges, tap the light blue button near the top left of the screen, featuring a compass design. Each day, there will be four NEW (or re-used) Daily Challenges.

Today, March 15th, we have received (3) Solo challenges, and (1) Community challenge. 😀

Let’s start off with When You Wish.

  • Task: Jump3 times at the Wish Squid Fountain.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience (Aunt Artic)

All you must do for this task is to walk up near the slide in the Beacon Boardwalk to the Wish Squid Fountain and jump 3 times around it.



Our next challenge is the Plunges For Sponges.

  • Task: Collect 3 sponge clusters in the Sea Caves.
  • Location: Sea Caves.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience (Rockhopper)

All you must do is waddle to the sea caves and collect all of the sponges they’re hidden in the Sea Caves.

Our next challenge is 02 Easy.

  • Task: Refill your air from a bubble while diving.
  • Location: Sea Caves.
  • Rewards: 20 coins and 20 experience (Rockhopper)

After you make the Challenges Plunges for sponges, go directly to complete this challenge in which you will need to refill your air from a bubble. These bubbles are everywhere in the sea caves,  so these will be easy to find.



Community Challenge: More Cocoa Than Penguin

  • Task: Together, drink 1,000 cocoas in total while tubing the lazy river.
  • Location: Coconut Cove.
  • Rewards: 30 coins and 20 experience (Aunt Artic)


Waddle to the Coconut cove, if you’re a member you will need to buy your own cocoa to drink it by yourself or to share with members (as non-members are not able to use the tube), but remember to drink while tubing in the lazy river. 😀

That is all for today! If you have any questions about completing these Daily Challenges or anything else, leave a comment below!

Waddle On,

See ya later! Emmanuel2204 (@Emmanuel2204/ Twitter)



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