Hello Penguins!

While waddling around the Beacon Boardwalk, I noticed that the dance floor had been empty, along with the water slide, the Foodtrekker, and the Lighthouse. I found it odd that about 5 of my penguin pals had been online, and there location had stated that they had been in the Beacon Boardwalk. Immediately, I jumped to a friend to see where they had been, and it led me to a new area.

Some penguin pals and I, including Rosebudee, Little Misha, and tiggerrhappy.

WOAH? How fin-tastic does this look? If you are unsure of where this is located on Club Penguin Island, it can be found directly behind the Migrator. You will also see bits and pieces of numerous penguins chat logs while sitting on the top of the Migrator. I am hoping that this island will become more easily accessible in the near future, but it could also be patched to where we can no longer access it (please don’t patch it!).

I am unsure of how to land on this island without jumping to a friend, but if YOU know, leave a comment for others to experience this glitch.

Stay tuned for more updates on glitches and more!





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