#CPReunion Party Invitation


Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin is so soon to get closed 😦 Many memories in that game, this game has been online for over 11 years. With the upcoming new game Club Penguin Island launching very soon, I’m sure we will also have good memories, to tell in the future.

We still have 23 days (depending on your zone) to enjoy this community. That’s why @CPReunionEvent will be hosting one of the lasts parties in Club penguin on March 25th. We will have one of the most awesome parties in Club penguin, that is why they are inviting you to celebrate. Here are the details:

For more info visit: cpreunion.wordpress.com. Remember that while you’re in the event use the #CPReunion to post pictures or videos of the epic party that we’ll have. Also, we’re looking for Authors for CPIH. Comment down below if you’re interested. Comment down below your favorite memories of Club Penguin and what do you expect from Club Penguin Island.

Waddle On!




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