Daily Challenges: March 1, 2017

Hey Penguins,

Daily Challenges are a fun way to increase your amount of Coins and Penguin Level Progress for a selected Character. There are new Daily Challenges every day, they refresh at Midnight PST. Some of the Daily Challenges will require you to be a Member, and/or some require Teamwork. To begin doing the Daily Challenges, tap onto your Challenges Log near the top left corner of the Game Screen.

Challenge: Anchor Management

  • Objective: As a Member purchase a Party Blaster, and use it at the Rusty Anchor.
  • Location: Becon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: Party Blaster, Member.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience (Aunt Artic)
  • Pictures:

Challenge: Icebreaker

  • Objective: Sit at one of the picnic tables near the Foodtrekker in the Beacon Boardwalk and type something to say.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: None
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience. (Aunt Artic)
  • Pictures:


Challenge: All En-comparative

  • Objective: As a Member, gather you and three other Penguins to stand on each point of the Compass on the Event Circle at Beacon Boardwalk.
  • Location: Beacon Boardwalk
  • Requirements: Be a member, 4 penguins in total.
  • Rewards: 30 coins and 20 experience. (Rockhopper)
  • Pictures:


Photo was taken by Pen50gi


Challenge: Eye Spy

  • Objective: As a Member, you can interact with the Lifeguard Kit that is just under the Tower at the Lifeguard Station, or use your own in My Inventory – Gear – Lifeguard Kit and then use the Binoculars.
  • Location: Sea Caves
  • Requirements: Be a member, Lifeguard kit.
  • Rewards: 25 coins and 20 experience. (Rockhopper)
  • Pictures:


Are you still having issues with a Daily Challenge today? Comment below for one of our Staff Members to assist you further with that Challenge. If this Guide has helped you, remember to share it with others to help them as well. As always,

Waddle On!



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