Waddle On Party: Mascot Meet-Up Times (Part 2)

Hey penguins,

THIS is the last chance for you guys to visit our famous penguins! I know this is so sad, but don’t cry guys, hopefully, we’ll have mascot meet-ups on Club Penguin Island.

Here’s when you can say bye (for now) to your favorite penguins:

Thursday Feb. 23rd 10:00 AM Sensei Mittens
10:00 AM Dot Northern Lights
10:00 AM Herbert Sled
Saturday Feb. 25th 1:30 PM PH Sherbet
1:30 PM Cadence Rainbow
1:30 PM Sensei Wool Sock
Sunday Feb. 26th 11:00 AM Gary Mammoth
11:00 AM Rookie Frosty
11:00 AM Rockhopper Cozy
Wednesday Mar. 1st 10:00 AM Franky Iceland
10:00 AM Cadence Fog
10:00 AM PH Cloudy
Sunday Mar. 5th 11:00 AM Dot Jack Frost
11:00 AM Herbert Crystal
11:00 AM Sensei Chinook
Thursday Mar. 9th 10:00 AM Aunt Arctic Wool Sock
10:00 AM Rockhopper Rainbow
10:00 AM Rookie Sherbert
Monday Mar. 13th 6:00 PM Gary Sled
6:00 PM
Rookie Northern Lights
Monday Mar. 20th 6:00 PM Cadence Mittens
6:00 PM Franky Jack Frost
Thursday Mar. 23rd 10:00 AM Sensei Mammoth
10:00 AM
Herbert Iceland
10:00 AM
Dot Frosty
1:30 PM PH Fog
1:30 PM Cadence Mittens
1:30 PM Franky Northern Lights

Remember! The times above are in PST, you can check the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts for the correct time. So who’s the penguin (or, uh, polar bear) that you just HAVE to see here one last time?

Let us know in the comments!

Waddle on,



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