Daily Challenges: February 16, 2017

Hey Penguins,

Here’s your guide for the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island today! They will refresh to new Daily Challenges every day at Midnight PST. We have given you a written guide as well as a picture guide. If you are still unsure, comment below.

All The Noms: Visit the SS Convenience market. (The SS Convenience Market is located just on your right as you enter Coconut Cove.)

Something’s Starfishy: Use the starfish emoji when on a starfish at the Boardwalk. (Waddle to the Boardwalk Circle, then use the starfish Emoji while standing on the starfish in the middle.)

Screenshot was taken by Gobogo

0 To 11: Get flung into the air by standing on each Boardwalk speaker as it rises. (Wait on the Boardwalk circle’s speaker slot until the Dance Event pops.)

Screenshot was taken by Gobogo



(Member)Big Sand Band: Have 5 penguins play music on the Cove stage. (Have five Penguins play an instrument at the Coconut Cove.)


Waddle On!



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