Daily Challenges: February 3, 2017

Hey Penguins,

Sorry guys if we haven’t uploaded the Daily Challenges, we’re having some problems. We might have to make an important announcement. Meanwhile, here’s your guide for the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island today! They will refresh to new Daily Challenges every day at Midnight PST. We have given you a written guide as well as a picture guides. If you are still unsure, comment below.


(Member)Ship’s Watch: Use a lifeguard whistle by the Boardwalk rowboat. (As a Member, you can interact with the Lifeguard Kit that is just under the Tower at the Lifeguard Station, or use your own in My Inventory – Gear – Lifeguard Kit. Once you have the Lifeguard Kit, waddle next to the Rowboat in the Boardwalk, and blow your whistle.)

Chair-ish The Moment: Sit in 6 different chairs at the Cove. (Waddle to the Coconut Cove, and sit in the 3 chairs located in-front of the Lifeguard, 1 clam chair in-front of the Sea Caves entrance, and the last 1 in-front of the Waterfall. You can sit in chairs by interacting with them, with the orange “!”.

Fall with Style: Springboard off the Sea Caves balcony. (Waddle to the Sea Caves, and just as you enter, go to your right. Jump up the steps and waddle along with that path until you see a Springboard. Waddle on top of it, and you’ll fall with style.)


Hop to it: Do 1,000 jumps in the Boardwalk as a community. (Jump a total of 1,000 times in the Beacon Boardwalk with friends.

Waddle On!



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