Island Insider: Episode 5

Hey penguins,

Megg uploaded 3 days ago the Island Insider: Episode 5. She talked about a few things, here is what you can expect on this Island Islander Episode.

  1. Community Shout-Outs
  2. CP Island Q&A!
  3. Bloopers!

The team has been working really hard to get the app launched worldwide, I know you just cant wait for it, but be patient. Megg also said in the next Island Insider episode she would talk about more information about the Club Penguin Island Blog release!

Meanwhile you can play on Club Penguin to learn more about the party, and also remember to pre-register your penguin name if you want to get special-items! You can pre-register HERE. THE LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER IS FEBRUARY 15, 2017 

You can check out the video right here:

OR if you want you can check it out at the Club Penguin Official Blog. You can also check out what updates has the team made during the Geo-Beta HERE.

loading_screen_tour_emojiWhat do you expect from the new blog? Comment down below!

Waddle On!



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