How to Spot a Fake Club Penguin Island / Club Penguin Staff!

Hey Penguins,

I felt that I should make a Safety post based both around Club Penguin Island as well as Club Penguin, because this is a common issue with virtual worlds, and I want you all to have a fun and safe experience while playing on Club Penguin Island. Now Players impersonating to be a Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island are usually easy to tell apart from the official real ones, and I’ll provide you a guideline on how to tell.

Both Club Penguin Island / Club Penguin have no official way to tell if someone is truly a real Club Penguin Island Staff Member, I might actually work on something like that to help Players know who is official or not. They used to have a Moderator Badge on their Playercards, but not anymore hopefully they re-add one in Club Penguin Island. They removed the feature so they can be incognito. But there are some key points on how to tell that they are a fake Staff Member.

  • They will never ask for your Full Name, Email Addresses, Contact Details, Telephone Numbers, home/School Address or Age.
  •  They will never ask for you Password.
  • They will never threaten to Ban/Mute your Account.
  • They will never ask you to visit a website outside of Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island.
  • They will never offer special in-game rewards for giving them any personal information and/or breaking the Rules.

If you are not sure if this Player is an Official Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island Staff Member, contact Support and/or comment on the Official Blog providing the Username. Popular/Known Club Penguin Staff Members, like Megg and Ninja usually provide Meet-Ups on game and you know that at those Meet-ups you will be safe from any fake Staff Members. Some Staff Members will ask for feedback on a feature and/or party and that is fine to ask.


If you are being asked for this information from someone faking a Staff Member and/or just a regular player, report them right away, and either Ignore them, Waddle away, Log-off for a bit, or Switch Servers/Worlds. As well Contact Support and provide them with their Username and what they will trying to do, to help save other Players.

Have you ever wanted to become a Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island Moderator? Check out their Official Help Page for guidelines on how to become one!

Waddle On!


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