What do the Flags mean on Club Penguin Island? Last Update!

Hello Penguins,

A few days ago, I created two posts asking for the community’s help with an unfinished theory about Club Penguin Island’s sets of Flags hanging around, but today we will be sharing Rock N Gem‘s theory about the second and last set of Flags on Club Penguin Island that we have found.


Ok, well 3 of the flags are beach flags. The first flag is a warning, that there are sharks around. The third flag is to show that the area is for water crafts only (surfing). The forth flag means that this area is being watched over by lifeguards. The two other flags as you already know, are for communicating with other ships. The second flag means the vessel has stopped and can not move. The last means yes. When I put all the meanings together, Catchin’ Waves and Hydro Hopper mini games from the original Club Penguin, comes to mind. This could be the staffs way of hinting, that there is going to be a surfing or a boat game on Club Penguin Island. The surfing is more likely, since there is a surf board underneath the flags and the surfing board has been clearly bitten by a shark.

Thank you again Rock N Gem for sharing this comment/theory, it’s super interesting and sounds like you have really hit something with this. After reading this and seeing the second set of Flags, this all makes a lot more senses. I like the idea of the Club Penguin Island Team maybe hinting at a future Surfing or Boat mini-game but if not, it’s still a neat little Easter Egg based around Hydro Hopper / Catchin’ Waves for older Club Penguin players to really enjoy and be reminded of the good old memories.

This is the last set of the “What do the Flags mean on Club Penguin Island?” theory posts, because of the amazing penguins in the community such as  @pinkiepieypufli@Danpengui, and Rock N Gem for all sharing their thoughts with us and figuring out what the Flags do stand for on Club Penguin Island. I would love to do more Posts like this in the future. Until then,

Waddle On!


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