New Unreleased Rooms on Club Penguin Island?!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin Island is still currently in Beta Testing, so many of the features and other things are still locked to the players, such as more Adventures, and more Rooms to explore and learn about. In this post I want to share all my thoughts about all the spots on Club Penguin Island where I think will link to another room after Beta Testing or at least as some point will be unlocked.

The first two popular unreleased rooms that will probably be the first ones that Club Penguin Island releases after Beta Testing are the two in Beacon Boardwalk, beside the Welcome Hut and Disney Store, where there are Jackhammers. A few Penguins are able to bug inside the Rock, but they aren’t able to see what’s on the other side, and I’m glad they are able to. But a few Penguins did say that could see a Pond/Lake of some sort on the other side.

Another pretty known spot is at the top of the Waterfall in Coconut Cove on the far left side. If you’re able to jump rock to rock to get to the top, there seems to be a small cave, but what could be in it. I have seen a lot of Penguins saying that that could be a Hideout for someone or a group of Penguins, but I think that would be a great secret room for the Team to add in.


Now on the other side of the Coconut Cove, there are two possible spots that they could add small rooms to, one of the rooms have already been used in a Rockhopper Adventure. But no idea if they will ever add it as a permanent room and the other room could be turned into a small Swimming Pond/Pool.

For the Sea Caves, I wasn’t able to find any spots that could possibly be a future room on Club Penguin Island, but the Sea Caves have so much history in general about it, and I believe that’s why they didn’t add any secret spots in there, but you never know.

I can’t wait to see the future rooms that the Team plan to add onto Club Penguin Island. Do you Penguins know any secret looking spots in the Sea Caves or anywhere else, that I missed? Comment your ideas below.

Waddle On!



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