What I think will be in the Disney Store on Club Penguin Island!

Hey Penguins,

Recently a few bloggers have bugged themselves into the Disney Store on Club Penguin Island, located in the Beacon Boardwalk, beside the Welcome Hut. Nothing is fully confirmed that it’s going to be a Disney Store, but with the big Mickey Mouse icon with a Clothing Hanger, gives off the feeling that it’ll be a Disney Store.

For this, I’m not going to bug myself into the Disney Store like others have, because from that they have gained really no information about it. But just from playing Club Penguin Island for a while now, I have come up with a theory that I wanted to share with you all.


My theory is that they will sell popular Disney Clothing, Decals and Fabrics based around Mickey, and all the other popular Disney Characters from all sorts of movies. Somewhere where you can Design and show off what your favourite Disney movies/characters are to all your friends. I personally like this idea, I would love to try to create a Disney Hat. I think it’ll pretty much be just like the Designer, but Disney version.

I’m still not sure to how they will do multi-stores in Club Penguin Island with your Closet. but I’m super interested, to see what they have in.. stores for us.

Waddle On!




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