What do the Flags mean on Club Penguin Island? Update!

Hey Penguins,

A few days ago, I created a post asking for the community’s help with an unfinished theory about Club Penguin Island. The theory was about What do the Flags mean on Club Penguin Island, and I got a lot of great Penguins, like @pinkiepieypufli and @Danpengui sharing their thoughts about the Flags and they have given us a lot of help with figuring out the Flags.

The first set of Flags in the Beacon Boardwalk, above the Welcome Hut, were the only ones that we were about to figure out. We have figured out that that one stands for “Mouse”, and we believe that this one is legit, because of the Disney/Mickey Store right beside the Flags, just makes senses. Pinkie was kind of enough to provide us an image to use to better explain the first set of Flags.


Now for the second set of Flags in the Coconut Cove, above the Entrance, I or anyone else weren’t able to figure this one out yet. We could think of the letters, but the words that we figure out with those letters weren’t proper words/terms.


Do you think you know what the second set of Flags could stand for? Leave us a comment below your thoughts.

Waddle On!



  1. Ok, well 3 of the flags are beach flags. The first flag is a warning, that there are sharks around. The third flag is to show that the area is for water crafts only (surfing). The forth flag means that this area is being watched over by lifeguards. The two other flags as you already know, are for communicating with other ships. The second flag means the vessel has stopped and can not move. The last means yes. When I put all the meanings together, Catchin’ Waves and Hydro Hopper mini games from the original Club Penguin, comes to mind. This could be the staffs way of hinting, that there is going to be a surfing or a boat game on Club Penguin Island. The surfing is more likely, since there is a surf board underneath the flags and the surfing board has been clearly bitten by a shark.


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