Club Penguin Island: Geo-Beta Progress Update!

Hey Penguins,

The Club Penguin Island Team has been working super hard on squashing some major/minor bugs around Club Penguin Island. Here’s some of the improvements that they have made.

  1. Clothing Designer performance fixes around patterns and decals
  2. Improvements to chat functionality
  3. Daily Challenge performance fixes and improvements
  4. Updates to quick chat phrases
  5. Item description updates
  6. In-game sound effect additions and fixes
  7. Big performance fixes to improve the graphics on older devices.


It’s great that they are sharing these improvements with us all, Geo-Testers, as well as Players that are waiting. Gives us an inside look at what they have been working on lately, as well I think they are getting a lot closer to an Official release soon.. They have also asked Geo-Testers to comment on the Official Club Penguin Blog, about our feedback on the Daily Challenges and Mascot Adventures in Club Penguin Island. All Geo-Testers please send in your feedback to them, to help add to their improvements on them.

Waddle On!



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