Things coming to Club Penguin Island in the Future: Ninjas and Agents!

Hey Penguins,

We have been informed of many current Club Penguin things making it’s way to Club Penguin Island at some point in time, and we wanted to just create one big post about it, since they’re just not enough information about all the things to make one post each.

First thing, we have heard that will be making a comeback into Club Penguin Island is Ninjas, a classic Club Penguin legend. Ninjas were hidden around Club Penguin for years, and only some Penguins that had good eyes were able to spot their shadows. I hope Club Penguin Island does it in a neat way like that as well. No information about Sensei, but like many classic Club Penguin mascots, I could see him making at least an appearance.


Second thing that will be coming to Club Penguin Island one day, is Agents better known as EPF (Elite Penguin Force). Yet again another Club Penguin classic are Agents, known as PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) and EPF (Elite Penguin Force). Since the EPF’s director, Aunt Arctic is already on Club Penguin Island, she may be already setting up a headquarters for the Agents to re-link up there. But from the images that I saw on Twitter, it kinda seem like Agents is something that they don’t plan to add for a while.


That is all the small but big news that the Club Penguin Island Team has shared with us. Many Club Penguin players will be trilled to hear this news.

Waddle On!



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