Fun Things for Non-Members to do in the Sea Caves

Hey there penguins,

Many of you have been testing the app for a few days, and most of you are non-members due to them not having a credit card linked to their App Store / Google Play accounts or playing outside of the selected countries which have been selected for the Geo-Beta.

Non-Members can waddle to the sea cave and do lots of things like collecting crystals to earn coins, here you can check what things you can do:

Jump from the top. (You are able to jump from the top part to dive directly into the cave.)


Race Course. (You can do a race to test yourself, just follow the finish line icons, until the finish line, but beware you can be delayed by a carnivorous plant!)


Collect crystals. (Crystals are everywhere! You can collect them from the surface to the bottom place in the cave, they’re even bigger crystals to collect.)


Open treasures. (You can collect even more coins with the treasures that are hidden all over the cave.)


Throne room. (Make your own rules. Sit down on the chair of the throne!)


Party Submarine. (Make a party, be the party! Invite your friends to party in the submarine and activate the music, lights, and the streamers.)


If you’re not sure about something feel free to comment below.

Waddle On!




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